Barra is out (again)

Been two weeks since my last post but it’s been worth the wait.  This is also the first post that deals with something that I am actually working on (so very excited).

Well…as you have already guessed; Barra will be relaunched.  A group of amazing peeps got together and decided to work on the relaunch of the much anticipated LGBTIQ-oriented magazine.  If you haven’t heard of Barra from before, here’s a quick refresher.  A couple of years ago (probably sometime in 2005 or so), Helem released a magazine that was solely oriented to issues related to our community. This magazine was called “Barra” and it was able to publish three issues before discontinuing due to logistic and distribution obstacles. Now, we are relaunching it with a whole new theme, logo and approach.

So here’s the basic teaser;

  • we’re going online and print. First issue will be up in May and the relaunch is scheduled for the IDAHO2012.  Yes, it’s a close call but we’re challenging ourselves and we’re gonna make it.
  • It’s in Arabic format but will also accommodate other languages.
  • Minimalistic and clean layout with rich visuals
  • Rich material in six sections; news (civil society/legal/…), feature story and interview, the platform (المنصة), health, Lifestyle & Art and Marketplace & Fun.

We, at the team of Barra, will our do best to provide the community at large with a magazine that is at the heart of the queer movement in Lebanon and contribute to the ongoing queer discourse in the country (and regionally if possible).

Your contributions are the core of this magazine, so write to us at with you questions/comments and – most of all – your submissions.


8 thoughts on “Barra is out (again)

  1. eliosm says:

    for some reason this post is calling for me…. i might send something if i get the time to write first, i do have a lot to say about a lot of stuff…. but if not then good luck 🙂

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