Posh Allows Al-Jadeed’s Hidden Camera(s) into Its Space

On Friday the 6th of December 2013, Posh held a “Barbara” party in their regular venue. Unbeknownst to the attendees of the party, there was a hidden camera set by the Al-Jadeed’s show Lil-Nasher (للنشر) to video tape the party and the attendees.

On Monday the 9th of December 2013, Tony Khalifeh jumps up on the show and covers the topic of the party “that is attended by politicians, famous performers and artists and so on”. Nothing really different from his tacky amateur work which is nothing more than a poor excuse for journalism, spiced up with sensational rumors and tabloid material.

Spaces like Posh promote themselves as a space for queers to party and enjoy themselves in safe environment. What is a shame is that while we are struggling to call on them to live up to that promise; while we still demand them to fight attitudes surrounding entrance and admission and services that are selective against non-normative bodies like trans* bodies or attitudes that are oppressive for women, we get Posh allowing such a low-grade show to enter and place hidden cameras to take footage of the people showing up to its party.

Posh has flagrantly failed to protect the attendees of the party and to secure a safe space as it promotes itself to be. It has failed its basic expectations and responsibilities as a queer party space and should be avoided.

I ask everyone to tell their friends to avoid this space as it has proved itself to be a non-safe party space for queers.

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