On social responsibility and media

Now I pretty much gave up on local TV channels a while ago so I’m not usually up to date with what gets aired on our lovely Lebanese channels.  But recently, I started seeing a lot of buzz on facebook and twitter about the weird (for the lack of any other proper word) mtv sketches that were being aired.
It all started when they did a sketch that was quite racist against foreign female domestic workers.  Their sketch came around the same time when the guardian aired coverage on the death of Lila Aacharya, a Nepali domestic worker who was trafficked into slavery, exploitation and abuse at an up-market apartment in Beirut and found dead under “accusation of suicide”.

You think that was bad?!  Well as the wave of angry comments grew, more videos of past and new sketches started to turn up.  Apparently, the folks at mtv have been quite naughty.  You can check out the rich assortment of racist, sexist and homophobic sketches here.
The point is that there is something called social responsibility.  It mainly states that each and every one of us (individuals, bodies, corporations and so on) has a responsibility to our society.  In this sense, media outlets have the responsibility to respect the different social groups in a given community.  That means that these media outlets should not allow such discriminatory and offensive material to be on the air. If you do agree with this, click on the petition HERE to ask the CEO of mtv to stop airing such offensive material.

What really hits me thought is the lack of any clear message in these sketches.  This is not political satire because there’s no message there. This is at best a feeble and below mediocre attempt at comedy.  If there is anything of value to these sketches is that they fill air time only.