SOGI-related events that you should go to this week

Three events are taking place this week that are really interesting to those of you following issues of gender and sexuality.

(I am organizing two of them, so this is slightly a bit of shameless promotion..shhh)

1. Round table discussion on cases of “Transwomen’s Navigation of Arrest and Detention in Beirut”

The round table discussion will tackle the paper to be published by  Lebanon Support, written by Ms Qubbaia and Mr Saleh, which looks into detention practices as manifested in the cases of detained transwomen in the context of wider policing of gender and sexuality norms, bodies, and behaviors in Beirut

Held by: Lebanon Support
Date: Thursday 30th of October, 2004
Time: 6:00PM
Location: Adlieh, Beirut – Najib Azouri Street, Shaghouri Building (3rd floor)
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2. “Dardashat Jandariya”; Selling Sex: Intersections of Morality, Patriarchy, Violence, Consent, Freedom and Feminism

Where does Lebanese civil society stand with regards to the selling of sex? What is the Lebanese legal context with regards to commercial sexual services or performances? What are the major differences between commercial sex, trafficking, and exploitation and how can we disentangle them? What are potential implications of awareness-raising, organization, and criminalization? Finally, how do we ensure that such discussions do not exclude people who sell sex from representing themselves?

The talk aims to provide a space for an open discussion that encompasses sexual freedoms, feminism, patriarchy, and morality

Held By: Arab Foundation For Freedom & Equality
Date: Thursday 30th of October, 2014
Time: 7:30PM
Location: AltCity – Hamra, Montreal Building (1st/M floor)
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3. Article 534: Contesting Dominant Activist Discourse and Examining Alternative Strategies

– How has article 534 been interpreted and used by police forces, the
legal apparatus and activists?
– How do the rulings in the Batroun (2009) and Metn (2014) courts
shape these readings? How can we use these rulings for further
advocacy work?
– What are the dominant activist discourses and strategies on article
534? What are the fallouts and limits of these discourses and
– Is working towards annulling article 534 the best strategy in
decriminalizing same sex acts and/or desires? How does it fit into the
broader efforts to counter and fight against the policing of
sexuality, sexual desires, and acts?
– What alternative and more inclusive strategies can be envisioned and pursued?

Held By; Helem
Date: Friday 31st of October, 2014
Location: AltCity – Hamra, Montreal Building (1st/M floor)
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