Scribblings on a Restroom Stall

A while ago, a friend showed me some of the writing in one of the girls’ restroom stalls at university. It was interesting and funny to see what some of the women were writing on the walls. More interesting was when I noticed  how the people were more open about sharing private information and others commenting on them; sometimes in words of support and other times in words of hate.

So here’s a little thing from one of the men’s restroom stalls of the same university.

1. Gay or Straight?!


A two-columned table where people mark their sexual orientation as “gay” or “straight”.

I expected more X marks in the straight section rather the other way around but I guess that makes sense too (some placed themselves on the midline).

Other replies included:

  • Respect
  • “Kess imel gays ibm shramit” (which someone replied to it with “Tru dat! [sic]” and then  scratched and comment with “U mad?! [sic])

2. This pic is self-explanatory, I think!


Gay =)

Replies included:

  • me too 🙂 love you honney [sic]
  • & proud

3. Story of my life


This one was started with the title, “Story of my life”. Probably the most interesting one.

You would need to zoom in to read the text but here’s what it says;

Story of my life:
– Born (Bullying)

– School(Bullying)

– 12 –> gay/straight?!(Bullying)

– 17 –> ok gay 🙂 (Bullying)

– 18 –> AUB 🙂

– 18 –> many people hate me 😦
I feel sick
no one likes me
no one respects me for who I am

– 18 –> suicidal thoughts because I feel useless and not accepted
discovered counseling at AUB
counseling helped me a lot
told my dad about my sexuality
he accepted me 🙂 ^_^
continuing a normal life again
told my bestie and she loved me

Thank god 🙂

– Put something to share some love

Replies included:

  • glad you are fine now & never be shy of what you are 🙂 ok
  • Bravo, you have my respect. Society is a bitch sometimes but never forget that there’s still people like me (illegible)
  • louté air