Barra Issue 003: only four days to go :)

Feeeeeels like ages since my last blog! But I’m and ready to babel again.

So yes! Barra magazine is ready for the relaunch on June the 3rd during the IDAHO2012 (international day against homophobia and transphobia) and it’s amaaaaaazing. We’ve got all the sections that we talked about from news to short stories and some sassy horoscopes to top it off.

Check out the sneak peak of the cover (jean is even wearing a shirt lol);

Re-launching date 3rd of June @ 2pm, sofil center – metropolis cinema!

Oh and if you haven’t seen the teaser yet, here you go 😀


Barra magazine back on track

Check out the first official interview for Barra magazine with the LGBT media monitor! 😀

Raynbow Blog

BEIRUT: After years of patience, Barra is going to be launched again on IDAHO. The Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor conducted an interview with editors in chief Ahmad Saleh and Jean Salim to get all the details about the re-launching of this magazine.

The Monitor: What drove you to re-launch Barra and what made you succeed after many years?

Barra: The project of re-launching Barra has been a topic talked about in Helem for years with many attempts that failed. This year one of Helem’s founders George Azzi reunited a group of people who were determined to re-launch Barra. What really helped us is that IDAHO was two and a half months away from when the idea came out, so we set that date as a deadline.

The Monitor: What are the topics that the magazine will have?

Barra: There are many sections:

  • Theme Section and Feature…

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